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Getting Started

Dinero Pay gateway offers a complete and easy way to integrate your E-Business.
With our payment gateway, you can accept all kinds of payment methods, including applePay, stcPay; Whether you're in E-commerce, service industries, or any other sector, our gateway provides a complete and easy-to-use solution for your payment processing needs. Our API is designed in a RESTful like approach.

  1. Registration is free and it will give you access to a demo account.
  2. We will send all the necessary keys to start the integration process and test the gateway.

Making your first payment as easy as following the below steps

  1. Make sure to request a test account using our channels, chat and email to have access to the system.
  2. Get your merchant_key and your password from the dashboard.
  3. Use one of our Ready to Go or use the prebuilt, custom integration or go directly to the API section.
  4. If you are using our API, note that every type of request has a different hash format refer to here.

Start Immediately

Test Your Integration

Make sure that your integration is setup correctly by going through the checklist ☑️
and that you are receiving the response in the notification_url, you can use to quickly test the callback_notification.

Need Help


Based on the regulations here in Saudi Arabia, most of the transactions require 3D authentication.