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Merchant Key 🗝

Authenticate your account using the API by including your merchant key in the request body.
You can get your merchant key from the Dashboard. Your merchant key carries many privileges. So, be sure to keep it secret!


Alongside providing the merchant_key in the request body, you will require access to the password.
You can get the password from the Dashboard. This password is essential to create a hash that will ensure the integrity of the request.


The checkout service validates the request parameters and sends the error response in case of invalid data detection.
Go to the Hash Validation section for more info on how the hash should be generated.


Your merchant key will stand as the merchat_key parameter in the request body
merchant_key: <merchant_key>.

API requests without authentication will fail.

Obtain the merchant key and the password

You can optain your merchant key and the password from the Dashboard.
If you are a developer, ask your merchant for access to the dashboard.


Do not share your merchant key or password in public areas, such as:

  • GitHub