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Check List ☑️

We recommend you follow the steps below for a safe integration.

Test Account

Creating a test account will give you access to the needed resources check Get Started Page.

Make a Test Transaction

The main reason for your integration with DineroPay is to make online payment and handle them.

Resources To Make a Transaction

Have To Make

1- Make an authorized payment with any type of Integration.
2- Handle errors in the transaction check the API Section.
1- Refund or cancel a payment, check Refund.

Callback Notification

We rely on the Callback-Notification to notify your system of the transaction life cycle.

Setting a Notification URL

To update the Callback-Notification URL, send us your URL at

Going Live

Now you are ready to go live; By this time, one of our sales should have spoken to you; if not, please do contact us at