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Get the payment details

To get the payment status, you will make a GET /api/v1/payment/status.
You will retrieve the payment status and if it's declined, you will receive the reason.

Types of payment status

The payment status is a way for the gateway to tell you what state your transaction is in, and based on that, you should take the appropriate action.

By default, you will receive a callback_notification, but in case you want to make a follow-up request to check for the payment status, you can make a GET /api/v1/payment/status.


Payment status will be one of these

  • prepare
  • settled
  • pending
  • 3ds
  • redirect
  • decline
  • refund
  • reversal
  • chargeback

If the transaction is unsuccessful, you should receive a reason parameter in the response.

Sample request

To check the payment status, you will need to provide the payment_id, so make sure to save it once you receive it from the callback_notification.

"merchant_key": " xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx",
"payment_id": "dc66cdd8-d702-11ea-9a2f-0242c0a87002",
"hash": "xxxxxxxxxxx"

Sample response

"payment_id": "24f7401c-fc47-11ec-8d07-0242ac120015",
"date": "2022-07-05 09:45:03",
"status": "settled",
"order": {
"number": "f0a51dfa-fc43-11ec-8128-0242ac120004-1",
"amount": "3.01",
"currency": "SAR",
"description": "gift"
"customer": {
"name": "John Doe",
"email": ""