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In order to start accepting stcpay payment in your applicatoin

You will have to provide us with your stcpay MID,

Obtain the MID

you can obtain the your Stcpay MID either by :

contacting our support saying that you want to enable stcpay.
Visit Stcpay Merchant Portal

Once the MID received will configure stcpay for your account.

Using stcpay

Now once stcpay configured in your account stcpay should be appear in the checkout page:

or you can specify Stcpay in the API request to be the only payment method

samaple request

make sure to add the parameter methods and pass stcpay

"merchant_key": "{{merchant_key_dineropay}}",

"operation": "purchase",
"order": {
"number": "12",
"amount": "{{amount}}",
"currency": "SAR",
"description": "Important gift"
"cancel_url": "",
"success_url": "",
"customer": {
"name": "Amer Mo",
"email": ""
"methods": ["stcpay"],
"hash": "{{hash}}"