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Create a Payment


To create a payment that will let the customer pay using a credit card, debit card Mada, applePay, stcPay, etc...,
or any saved card or authorized transaction, you will be making a purchase (Authentication request ) to /api/v1/session/.

The requirement to create a purchase request ( Authentication request )

You must sign up for a test account here.
Follow the steps here.

Getting your merchant key and your password makes you ready to create an online transaction.
Both can be found in the

<Circled_sketch>merchant dashboard

Make payments

To run payments in your application use POST /api/v1/sessions/ request to register payments and receive the redirect_url. After the payment is processed, the gateway will redirect the client back to your website (take note of the success_url, cancel_url).


You can save the customer's card data so that they can reuse it for future payments.
In the callback_notification, you will receive the card token used for future payments. To learn more about tokenization, check saving the card.

Check the payment status

You have three options to check payment status:

  1. Use the success_url pramater of the Authentication request object.
  2. Use the GET /api/v1/payment/status request.
  3. Set up a callback_url in the dashboard to listen for events.

Sample Request

Below is a sample request body with only the mandatory fields.

"merchant_key": "1d903ea0-e8dc-11ed-bbba-d60e6b1bd8d8",
"operation": "purchase",
"methods": ["card"],
"order": {
"number": "order-1234",
"amount": "1.00",
"currency": "SAR",
"description": "gift"
"cancel_url": "",
"success_url": "",
"hash": "416830ec3be6ac7c6ca539a4e9dbdd5c8971097d"

Sample response

"redirect_url": "{{redirect_url}}"

The redirect_url will have one houre session and it will expire after that.
The link will become invalid after successful payment.