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Make a payment with a saved card

Payment request with a token

If you have saved the token from a previous request, you can use it to make an Authentication request (payment request), and you will see anonymized card details on the payment form, which will substantially simplify the payment process.

Sample request

"merchant_key": "1c568e26-c997-11e9-8be4-0242ac12000f",
"operation": "purchase",
"order": {
"number": "{{order_number}}",
"amount": "{{order_amount}}",
"currency": "{{order_currency}}",
"description": "{{order_description}}"
"cancel_url": "",
"success_url": "",
"card_token": ["f5d6a0ab6fcfb6487a39e2256e50fff3c95aaa97075ee5e539bb662fceff4dc1"],
"hash": "{{session_hash}}"

If the card_token is specified, req_token will be ignored, as the card is already saved.