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Saving customer card details

Card data tokenization

For regular customers, we have made the payment page even more convenient and simpler.

You can save customers' card data so that they can reuse it for future payments.

To do this, you need to send the req_token = true parameter in the Authentication request. And then, in the callback_notification, you will receive a card token.

Sample request

"merchant_key": "1d903ea0-e8dc-11ed-bbba-d60e6b1bd8d8",
"operation": "purchase",
"req_token": true,
"methods": ["card"],
"order": {
"number": "order-1234",
"amount": "1.00",
"currency": "SAR",
"description": "gift"
"cancel_url": "",
"success_url": "",
"hash": "416830ec3be6ac7c6ca539a4e9dbdd5c8971097d"

Note that we add the req_token parameter in the request to indicate that we wish to save the customer's card. By defaut the value of req_token will be false